Migrating data between Adaptive Servers with different logical page sizes

Adaptive Server version 12.5 supports multiple page sizes; however, you cannot upgrade directly from an earlier version of Adaptive Server with 2K logical page size, to a version 12.5 Adaptive Server with a larger logical page size.

A migration utility, sybmigrate, should be available in the near future to help you with this migration process.

NoteThe Utility Guide refers to sybmigrate, the data migration utility, as dataxtr.

In the meantime, you must manually rebuild existing servers and databases, and transfer data out of the 2K logical page size Adaptive Server and into the new and larger logical page size Adaptive Server using the bcp utility. See the Utility Guide for information on how to use bcp. See the System Administration Guide, and the Performance and Tuning Guide for more information about multiple page sizes.

The steps required to manually re-create an Adaptive Server installation for migration are nearly identical to those you perform when recovering from a corrupted server installation, as described in the Troubleshooting and Error Messages Guide.

StepsTo manually re-create an Adaptive Server installation for migration

  1. Save all device, login, and user information from the source Adaptive Server using bcp, using the -c command-line trace flag.

  2. Save other server-wide information, such as character set information, attribute information, and server configuration information.

  3. Build a new 12.5 Adaptive Server installation with a larger logical page size.

  4. Install the server-wide information that you saved in step 2, on the new target server.

  5. Save the data definition language (DDL) for all tables in the source databases. DDL may already be available at user sites. If not, use the ddlgen utility to re-create it for the entire destination Adaptive Server, as well as all the databases within it.

    For more information on ddlgen, see the Utility Guide. See the documentation for Sybase Central for information on how to use the DDL generation feature.

    NoteAlthough ddlgen is a command-line utility, you must install Sybase Central to run it.

  6. Re-create the database schema in the target Adaptive Server using the DDL saved in step 5 to create a skeletal database installation on the target Adaptive Server that does not include any user data.

  7. In the source Adaptive Server, extract the data from the table to migrate using bcp out.

  8. In the target Adaptive Server, load the previously extracted data into the new tables using bcp in.

  9. Rebuild the indexes for all tables on the target Adaptive Server.

  10. Reinstall user procedures, triggers, and other compiled objects on the target Adaptive Server.

  11. Run dbcc to validate that the target database is working properly.

Notedump database and load database are not supported across different logical page size Adaptive Server platforms.