Known problems

The following sections describe known problems with this version of Adaptive Server as it relates to Full-Text Search.

VDK language settings

When setting the VDK language in the configuration file to French, use frenchx as the configuration option.

Increase size of model database before installing scripts

Before installing the EFTS-12_5 scripts (installtextserver, installevents, installmessages) to your Adaptive Server Enterprise, you may need to increase the size of the tempdb and the model databases from the default size to 3MB each when installing on a 64-bit platform.

Sample script

There is a typographical error in the sample script EFTS-12_5/sample/scripts/sample_text_queries.sql file. The first character in the script is “7.” It should be changed to a forward slash (/).

Use interfaces file

Enhanced Full-Text Search does not work with LDAP for this version; it requires an interfaces file.