Rebuilding system databases on upgraded servers

The procedure described in this section is needed only for a server that has been upgraded to version 12.5 from an earlier server version. This procedure replaces the procedure in the Error Messages and Troubleshooting Guide for situations when the master database is corrupt, the master device is not affected, and one or both of the following conditions are true:

If you have current dumps of the master database and all databases that occupy space on the master device, you can use 12.5 dataserver to build a new master device. You can then load your dump of the master database and your database dumps.

Adaptive Server version 12.5 does not use the bldmastr binary to build the master device. Instead, Sybase has incorporated the bldmastr functionality in the sqlsrvr binary.

The sqlsrvr options you use to rebuild corrupt databases are:

See Chapter 1, “Building Servers Using dataserver” in the Utility Guide for more information, and the reference page for sqlserver in the Utility Guide for information on how to use the options.

In Adaptive Server version 12.5, sqlsrvr requires the following information to rebuild your databases: