Configuring the ODBC driver

When you configure the ODBC driver to connect to Adaptive Server, you create an ODBC data source. You can configure more than one data source for Adaptive Server. For example, you might want one data source for each database.

To configure a data source:

  1. Start the ODBC Data Source Administrator (odbcad32.exe) from the Windows NT System program group.

    For more information about ODBC, see your NT operating system documentation.

  2. Click on the System DSN tab to display the System Data Sources dialog box.

    The dialog box appears with a list of sources you might have already defined.

  3. Click Add to add a new Data Source.

    The Create New Data Source dialog box appears.

  4. Select Adaptive Server ODBC Driver as the driver you want to use for Adaptive Server, and click Finish.

    The ODBC Adaptive Server Setup dialog box appears.

  5. Complete the dialog box as follows:

    Data Source Name – enter a short description of the Adaptive Server that is meaningful to you. For example, if you are creating the data source to connect to a specific Adaptive Server database, include the database name in the description.

    Description (optional) – a long description of a data source name; for example, “Accounting database on Adaptive Server 3.”

  6. Click the Options button to display the Login box.

  7. Type the name of the database to which you want to connect in the Database Name text box:

    You can fill in values for the other parameters in the box. For information about each parameter, see the online help or the ODBC Driver Reference Guide in Technical Library.

  8. Click OK, and close the rest of the ODBC dialog boxes.

  9. Exit the program.

You can now connect to Adaptive Server from applications that require connections through the ODBC Driver. When you start the application and it prompts you for an ODBC data source, choose the data source you have just named and configured.