Using NT Registry as a directory service

Another option is to use the NT Registry as a directory service. Review the following Sybase product arrangements before settling on this method:

The following instructions create server name keys under the Registry key specified for “ditbase” in libtcl.cfg, in the example in step 2, SOFTWARE\SYBASE\SERVER. It also stores the network information in the keys.

Both the Adaptive Server and client applications look in the Registry for network information before searching the sql.ini file.

You will need both the Open Client/Open Server Configuration and the dsedit utilities.

To use NT Registry as a Directory Service:

  1. Make sure the ocscfg.dat file is in your d:\sybase\bin directory.

  2. Start the OC OS Config Utility.

    1. Select Start/Programs/Sybase/OC OS Config Utility.

    2. Select the Directory Services tab.

    3. Click Add.

    4. Type REGISTRY for the DS Name.

    5. Type LIBDREG for the Directory Service Driver or select it from the drop-down list.

    6. Type \\machine_name:SOFTWARE\SYBASE\SERVER for the Directory Service Ditbase, where machine_name is the name of the computer that stores the network information.

    7. Click OK. The values you entered appear on the Directory Services dialog box.

    You can also use a text editor to add the following lines to the libtcl.cfg file:


    For information about using ocscfg, see the Open Client/Server Configuration Guide for Desktop Platforms.

  3. Start dsedit.

    1. Select Start/Programs/Sybase/ dsedit.

    2. In the Select Directory Service dialog box, select Registry from the DS Name list, and click OK.

    3. Follow the instructions in “How a client accesses Adaptive Server” for creating server entries using dsedit.