NT tape drive names

Windows NT tape devices use the format “TAPEn”, where n is the tape drive number, in its physical device names. NT assigns the names as follows:

For example, to dump a database directly to the first tape drive, substitute the following value for the stripe_device parameter in the dump database command:

1> dump database pubs2 to "stripe_device"
2> capacity = 10000
3> go

The NT setup program uses these device names to create logical device names to refer to the NT tape devices; for example, TAPEDUMP1 and TAPEDUMPS2 (logical names) “for TAPE0 and TAPE1 (tape device names), respectively.

NoteOn your local computer, you can use the logical names TAPEDUMP1 and TAPEDUMP2 to refer to the associated tape devices. However, when you run the backup on a remote Backup Server, be sure to use the actual tape device names, rather than the logical names. See also “Setting the maximum capacity for a tape drive”.

To create a new, logical device name, use the sp_addumpdevice system procedure.