Ensuring adequate memory for security services

The value of the total memory configuration parameter specifies the number of 2K blocks of memory that Adaptive Server requires at start-up. To make sure that there is sufficient memory when using unified login and security services through LAN Manager, allocate approximately 6K of additional memory per connection.

For example, if the maximum number of unified logins that occur at the same time is expected to be 150, increase the total memory parameter by 450. This increase expands memory allocation by 450 2K blocks.

The syntax is:

sp_configure total memory, value

where value is the sum of the current memory and the memory you are adding.

For example, to supply Adaptive Server with 25,000 2K blocks of memory, including the increased memory for network-based security, enter:

sp_configure total memory, 25000

The minimum requirement for this parameter is specific to the operating system.

For information about estimating and specifying memory requirements for Adaptive Server, see the System Administration Guide.