Configuring Monitor Server

Monitor Server is an Open Server™ application that obtains statistics on Adaptive Server performance by monitoring its shared memory. You can view these statistics from the Monitor Viewer in Sybase Central.

Database administrators can use Monitor Server to examine server statistics using a graphical client/server tool. Statistics are available for:

To change the configuration for Monitor Server:

  1. Start Server Config.

  2. Click the Monitor Server icon, and click Configure Monitor Server from the Configure Sybase Servers dialog box.

    The Existing Servers dialog box appears.

  3. Click the name of the Monitor Server you want to configure, and click Continue.

    The Configure Monitor Server dialog box appears.

  4. Change the error log path, if necessary.

  5. Change the Adaptive Server Name entry to the Adaptive Server name to be monitored. The Monitor Server name changes automatically.

  6. Click on the Command Line Parameters button to change the default parameters.

    For more information on default command line parameters, see “Setting Adaptive Server parameters”.

  7. Click Save to return to the Configure Sybase Servers dialog box.

  8. When you have completed the necessary configuration changes, click Exit to quit Server Config.

For more information about configuring Monitor Server, see the Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor Server User’s Guide.