Monitoring Adaptive Server statistics with NT Performance Monitor

You can use the NT Performance Monitor to monitor Adaptive Server statistics.

To support performance monitor integration, Adaptive Server must be registered as an NT Service. This registration occurs automatically in the following situations:

To enable performance monitoring, make sure that the SQL Perfmon Integration configuration parameter is set to 1. If necessary, use the sp_configure system procedure to reset this parameter.

NoteAfter you set this parameter, you must restart Adaptive Server for the setting to take effect.

To monitor selected Adaptive Server statistics from NT Performance Monitor:

  1. Start the NT Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) from its program group.

  2. Choose Add to Chart from the Edit menu.

    The Add to Chart dialog box appears.

  3. Select the computer to monitor, if necessary.

  4. Select the Adaptive Server Counter group that contains the counter to monitor from the Object drop-down list.

  5. Select the counter that you want to monitor from the Counter list for the selected group.

    For an explanation of a particular counter, select the counter and click the Explain button. The bottom of the dialog box displays the explanation.

  6. If selecting a counter displays numbers in the Instance box, select the instance that you want to monitor.

  7. Click Add to activate the counter on the Performance Monitor display.

For a list of Adaptive Server counters, see Adaptive Server Enterprise Installation Guide for Windows NT.

For general information on the NT Performance Monitor, see your NT documentation.