Starting servers as an automatic service

This section describes how to configure your operating system for automatic restart of Adaptive Server and Backup Server.

In production systems, Adaptive Server, Backup Server, and Monitor Server should start automatically when you restart your computer. To do this, use the Control Panel to set up the server as an automatic service.

NoteDo not place Adaptive Server devices on network drives. If Adaptive Server uses a device on a network drive, you cannot start the server as an automatic Windows NT service.

For more information on starting Monitor Server at operating system restart, see the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor Server User’s Guide.

StepsSetting up Adaptive Server as an automatic service

  1. Log in to Windows NT using an account with Windows NT administrator privileges.

  2. Choose the Windows NT Services Control Panel.

  3. Double-click the Services icon in the main Control Panel window. The Services window displays.

  4. Scroll through the list of available services until you find the listings for your Sybase servers.

    Server names use the format:

    “Sybase typeServer_servername_suffix

    where servername is the name of the Adaptive Server and type and _suffix represent the server type:

    “SQL” for Adaptive Server

    “BCK” and “_BS” for Backup Server

    “MON” and “_MS” for Monitor Server

    “HIS” and “_HS” for Historical Server

    “XP” and “_XP” for XP Server

  5. Select the Adaptive Server, and click the Startup button.

  6. In the Services window for the server, select the Automatic option button, and click OK.

    To designate a special account that the service should use for logging onto the system, see the Windows NT online help or the Windows NT printed documentation.

  7. If you are starting Monitor Server as an automatic service, make sure Adaptive Server is started as an automatic service also. Adaptive Server must be running before Monitor Server can start.

  8. Click the Close button to close the Services window.

  9. Exit the Control Panel.

The selected server now starts automatically each time you restart the computer. You can verify the status of the server either by using Sybase Central or by examining the status column in the Services applet.

See your Windows NT documentation or online help for more information on setting up automatic services.