Changing the localization configuration

By default, the Adaptive Server and Backup Server configurations use the English locale settings localization, which include:

During the installation process and through reconfiguration, you can specify a different language, character set, and sort order.

To change the localization configuration for Adaptive Server and Backup Server:

  1. Start Server Config. The Server Config option appears as an option of the Sybase program group.

  2. Click the icon for the server for which you want to change configuration, and click its corresponding Configure button in the Configure Sybase Servers dialog box.

  3. From the Existing Servers screen, select the name of the server you want to configure, and click Continue.

  4. Log in, if necessary.

    When configuring a Backup Server, you may already be logged in. If you are, go to step 6.

    When configuring an Adaptive Server, you need to log in first.

    1. Enter the login name and password of a user with System Administrator privileges, and click Continue.

    2. Click Yes if the Adaptive Server is not running. Server Config asks you to start it now.

  5. Depending on the type of server you are configuring, go to “For Adaptive Server,” on page §, or “For Backup Server”.