Adding a server to the directory services

WARNING! Most LDAP servers have an ldapadd utility for adding directory entries. Sybase recommends that you use dsedit of dscp instead since they have built-in semantic checks that generic tools do not provide.

Each server entry is made up of a set of attributes. When you add or modify a server entry, you are prompted for information about server attributes. Some attributes are provided by default, others require user input. When a default value is provided, it appears in brackets “[ ]”. See Table 5-2 for accepted values.

You can use srvbuild to add entries, but not modify or delete them.

StepsAdding a server entry to the directory service using dsedit

Before you can add, delete, or modify an LDAP server entry, you must add the LDAP URL to the libtcl*.cfg file. See “The libtcl.cfg and libtcl64.cfg files”.

Use dsedit to add a server to the directory service:

  1. From the Windows task bar, select Start | Programs | Sybase | dsedit.

  2. Select LDAP from the list of servers, and click OK.

  3. Click Add New Server Entry.

  4. Enter:

  5. Click Add New Network Transport.

  6. Click OK two times to exit the dsedit utility.

To view the server entries, enter the following URL in Netscape:


For example:


NoteMicrosoft Internet Explorer does not recognize LDAP URLs.

For more information about dscp, see the Open Client/Server Configuration Guide, in the 11.1.x Generic Collection