Determining a value for the max SQL text monitored parameter

The total amount of memory allocated for the SQL text feature is:

max SQL text monitored * number of user connections

where max SQL text monitored is specified in bytes. The space is reserved in the shared memory area shared by Adaptive Server and Monitor Server.

Sybase recommends an initial value of 1024 bytes for max SQL text monitored. The default when Adaptive Server is installed is zero bytes. The theoretical limit is 2,147,483,647 bytes; however, Adaptive Server immediately rejects very large values because they do not leave enough memory for data and procedure caches.

Consider the following when configuring the amount of batch text that you want Adaptive Server to save per client connection:

If users of Monitor Server clients notice that batch text is consistently truncated, consider increasing the size of max SQL text monitored. Remember that Adaptive Server must be restarted before the new value takes effect.