Restrictions on length of Adaptive Server name

If your system is configured with a limit on the length of file names, the operating system truncates file names that exceed the limit. Monitor Server cannot run if the Adaptive Server shared memory file name has been truncated. If you encounter this limitation and cannot reconfigure your machine with a larger maximum file name length, you must take the shared memory file name length into consideration when assigning an Adaptive Server name.

When you install Adaptive Server, its shared memory file is created from the name of the server and the suffix .krg. Therefore, the maximum length you should use for an Adaptive Server name is the maximum file name length configured for your machine, minus four (to allow for the .krg suffix).

For example, if the Adaptive Server name is test_sql_server11_5, the shared memory file name will be test_sql_server11_5.krg, unless that name is too long. If your machine is configured with a maximum allowable file name length of 15 characters, the shared memory file name will be test_sql_server, which will not work.