interpubs database

interpubs is a database similar to pubs2 that contains French and German data. This data contains 8-bit characters and is available for use at Adaptive Server installations using the ISO 8859-1 (iso_1) or Roman8 (for HP-UX) character set. To display the French and German data correctly, you must set up your terminal to display 8-bit characters.

StepsInstalling the interpubs database

  1. Be sure iso_1 or Roman8 is installed as the default character set or as an additional character set.

  2. Determine the type (raw partition, logical volume, operating system file, and so on) and location of the device where you will be storing the interpubs database. You will need to provide this information later.

  3. Make a copy of the original installintpubs script. Be sure you can access this copy, in case you experience problems with the edited script.

  4. Use a text editor to edit the script, if necessary, to specify a default device other than the master device, or use sp_diskdefault.

  5. Execute the script, using the -J flag to ensure that the database is installed with the correct character set:

    isql -Usa -Ppassword -Sservername -Jiso_1 -i $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/iso_1/installintpubs

For more information on the -J option in isql, see the Utility Guide.