Chapter 9: Removing Sybase Servers

Uninstalling Sybase Servers

  1. Stop the Monitor Server and the Backup Server before stopping Adaptive Server. See Chapter 7, “Starting and Stopping Servers.”

  2. If you have not already done so, source the SYBASE script from the $SYBASE directory. For a C shell, enter:

    source SYBASE.csh

    For a Bourne shell, enter:


  3. Start the Studio Installer. From the $SYBASE directory, run:


    NoteIf you do not have a “.” (dot) in the PATH, you must add “./” before the script at the command line.

    This starts the Studio Installer and launches the Uninstall window.

  4. The Studio Installer prompts: “Uninstall components now?”

    Click Yes.

  5. A component selection window appears. Select individual components by clicking the check box to the left of the component, or click Select All to remove all components.

    Click Next.

  6. The Uninstall summary window displays the components selected for removal.

    Click Next.

    The Studio Installer begins removing the selected components from the system. A progress indicator notifies you when the components have been successfully removed.

  7. Click OK to exit the application.

The Studio Installer removes:

After running the uninstall utility, a message displays stating that you should remove the remaining directories and files. Remove these directories and files after you finish running the utility.