Disabling the secondary truncation point

When you upgrade a primary database, the Rep Agent or the Log Transfer Manager (LTM) must not be running, and the Secondary truncation point should be turned off for the duration of the upgrade. The Rep Agent or Log Transfer Manager should already be shutdown (from the previous steps).

For each primary database and replicated RSSD, disable the secondary truncation point:

  1. If this is a replicated RSSD, log into the Replication Server of the RSSD, and issue:

    1> sysadmin hibernate_on, 'Replication Server’
    2> go
  2. Disable the secondary truncation point in the Adaptive Server database that is being upgraded by issuing:

    1> use database
    2> go
    1> dbcc settrunc('ltm', 'ignore')
    2> go

    If the dbcc settrunc command fails, make sure that the Rep Agent or LTM are not running. When the Rep Agent and LTM are disabled, repeat this step.