Installing InfoMaker

InfoMaker is distributed as part of the PC-client package. If you want to install InfoMaker and use the Demo Database, you must download and install Adaptive Server Anywhere.

To install InfoMaker:

  1. Use the Studio Installer to install the software from the distribution media as described in Chapter 4, “Installing Sybase Servers.”

  2. Run the InfoMaker setup utility located in %SYBASE%\INFO-7_0_2\install.

    From a DOS prompt, enter:

    seteup.exe "-EAS3"

    Or, from the Windows task bar, select Start | Run, and enter the full path to the executable, including the -EAS3 argument. For example:

    X:\sybase\INFO-7_0_2\install\setup.exe "-EAS3"

    where X:\sybase is the installation directory for the PC-client components.

  3. When prompted for an installation directory, accept the default.

  4. When prompted to restart the computer, leave the CD in the CD-ROM drive and select Yes. Restarting the PC updates environment variables and registry keys.

  5. See the Powersoft documentation for instructions on using InfoMaker.

NoteIf you cannot launch the Demo Database through your shortcut, please change the properties in it by setting the path to your SQL Anywhere win32 directory.