Setting the System Administrator password

A user account called “sa” is created for the Sybase System Administrator when you install the Sybase software. A user logged in as “sa” can use any database on Adaptive Server, including master, with full privileges.

Immediately after a new installation, there is no password on the “sa” account. The initial default value for the password is NULL. In a production environment, the Sybase System Administrator should always use a non-default password.

The Sybase System Administrator should log in to the new Adaptive Server as “sa” and set a password using sp_password:

$SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin/isql -Usa -P -Sserver_name
1> sp_password null, new_password 
2> go

where null is the default password and new_password is the password that you are assigning to the “sa” account.