Recording the upgrade manually

If Adaptive Server did not finish recording the upgrade in the sysattributes table before the failure occurred.

  1. Fix the problem that caused the failure.

    The first error message indicates the cause of the failure. If you can, solve the problem and proceed to step 2. For example, you can usually correct an 1105 error with a dump transaction command. However, more complex problems may have to be referred to Sybase Technical Support.

  2. Execute the following SQL statements to allow Adaptive Server to complete recording the upgrade:

    1> declare @dbname varchar(30)
    2> select @dbname = min(name)
    3> from sysdatabases
    4> while @dbname is not null
    5> begin
    6> online database @dbname
    7> select @dbname = min(name)
    8> from sysdatabases
    9> where name > @dbname
    10> end