Starting servers when the operating system restarts

This section describes how to configure your operating system for automatic restart of Adaptive Server and Backup Server when the system restarts.

On production systems, Adaptive Server, Backup Server, and Monitor Server should restart automatically when the UNIX operating system starts. This is accomplished by making an entry for the server in the operating system start-up script.

Monitor Server must be listed after Adaptive Server in the start-up script. For more information on starting Monitor Server during the operating system restart, see the Monitor Server User’s Guide.

With HP-UX versions 10.0 and later, you cannot edit commands in the /etc/rc file, so the System Administrator must create a script that executes when the operating system starts or shuts down.

Refer to the HP-UX UNIX manual page for “rc (1M)” for additional help. You can model your script after the HP-UX template file /sbin/init.d/template.

After creating the start-up and shutdown script, place it in the directory /sbin/init.d. Execution scripts placed in this directory have symbolic links to directories /sbin/rcn.d where n is the system run level. The linked scripts in /sbin/rcn.d are used to control the sequencing order of the execution scripts.