Installing components in cmdfile

To install components by means of a cmdfile, you must begin in GUI mode. To begin the installation process:

  1. Verify that you are logged in as the “sybase” user with “root” privileges and that your environment is set up as described in the “Pre-installation tasks”.

  2. Insert the Server CD in the CD-ROM drive.

    Log out, log on as “root”, mount the CD, log out as “root”, and log back on as “sybase”.

  3. At the UNIX prompt, start the Studio Installer:

    cd /cdrom
  4. Select the type of installation to be performed. Backup Server, Monitor Server, and XP Server are installed, by default, with Adaptive Server.

  5. Select a new installation directory, or accept the default.

    NoteIf you select Customized Install, the next window is the Component Selection screen, which allows you to specify the components to install.

    Components that would be installed in a standard installation appear with a check in the check box to the left of the product name. You may select or deselect components from this list. Components with subcomponents have a More... button enabled. Click this button to select or deselect subcomponents.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Specify a directory. The component information is automatically generated when saving to the cmdfile. You may rename the cmdfile.

  8. After the information is written to the cmdfile, the installer returns you to the GUI. Click Cancel, then Yes, to exit the Studio Installer.

  9. To complete the installation using the cmdfile, go to a command-line prompt at the CD-ROM drive and enter:

    ./install -f path/filename

    where path is the full path to the cmdfile, and filename is the name of the cmdfile.

  10. When installation is complete, log out as the “sybase” user.

    When installation is complete, eject the CD using the eject command.

    Log in as “root”.

  11. Unmount the CD-ROM:

    /etc/umount /cdrom 
  12. After Studio Installer is exited, the environment variables are set manually or with and .csh script files, automatically downloaded by the Studio Installer. The procedures for using the scripts files are provided in Chapter 4, “Installing Sybase Servers.”

  13. Check the installation log file to see a record of the installation process. The server log file is located in:


    The PC-client installation log file is in: