Viewing the installation status output screen

Use the information in this section each time you click the Build Server button after specifying the attributes for the server.

It takes several minutes to build the servers.

  1. Review the Status Output screen for informational messages about the installation process.

    If the installation is not successful, see Chapter 10, “Troubleshooting.”

    If the installation is successful, you see a message similar to this on the Status Output screen:

    Server server_name was successfully created.

Adaptive Server

You have a running server, as well as various system databases and system tables. Some references that may help you get started using your new Adaptive Server are:

Backup Server

For information on developing a backup and recovery plan and backing up and restoring user databases, see the System Administration Guide.

Monitor Server

Monitor Server requires some additional configuration after installation. See the Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor Server User’s Guide.

XP Server

For information on using extended stored procedures, see the Transact-SQL User’s Guide.


For information on using full-text search capabilities, see the Standard Full-Text Search Specialty Data Store User’s Guide.