If Adaptive Server fails the pre-upgrade eligibility test

If Adaptive Server fails the pre-upgrade test, Server Config displays:

Server SERVER_NAME failed preupgrade eligibility test. See log for more information.
  1. Click Exit.

  2. The message: “Upgrade Check Failed” appears. Click OK.

  3. From the Configure Sybase Servers window, select Exit.

  4. Examine the log file created in the %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_ASE%\init\logs directory to find out why Adaptive Server failed the pre-upgrade eligibility test.

    If the log contains messages about insufficient space in sybsystemprocs, follow the instructions in “Increasing the size of the sybsystemprocs database” to correct the problem.

    After you resolve any problems, shut down Adaptive Server and use Server Config to complete the upgrade session.