Upgrading Backup Server, Monitor Server, and XP Server

Before you can upgrade Backup or Monitor Server, you must upgrade Adaptive Server.

XP Server does not have a formal upgrade process.

NoteBack up all databases, including master, after successfully upgrading Adaptive Server and Backup Server.

StepsUpgrading Backup and Monitor Servers

The instructions for upgrading Backup Server and Monitor Server are similar.

  1. Launch the Server Config utility if it is not already running, select Start | Programs | Sybase | Server Config.

  2. Select Backup Server or Monitor Server from the icons on the left.

  3. Select Upgrade Backup Server.

  4. Provide the release path:

  5. Click Continue.

  6. In the Existing Servers screen, choose the server you want to upgrade.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Back up all existing database before upgrading. Once you have done so, select Yes.

  9. When the upgrade is complete, the syconfig utility displays the message, “Upgrade completed successfully.” Select OK.

Repeat this procedure to upgrade Monitor Server.