Suspending transaction processing and replication activities

To suspend replication of and transaction activity in the databases:

  1. Verify that subscriptions that are being created by the create subscription command, with primary data in the databases being upgraded, have reached the “valid” state at the primary Replication Server before you begin the upgrade. Use the check subscription command to find the “valid” state.

    Defer upgrade while the subscriptions are being created so that Replication Server does not interfere with the upgrade process by accessing the database being upgraded.

    Make sure that no users create subscriptions for data in the database you are upgrading until the upgrade procedure is finished.

  2. Execute rs_helproute in each Replication Server System Database (RSSD) being upgraded.

    The status of all existing routes should be “Active”. If any route is not active, resolve the route before continuing. See the Replication Server documentation for help in diagnosing and fixing the problem with the route, and then go to step 3.

  3. Shut down all applications that use the databases you are upgrading.

  4. Use the admin who command in Replication Server to find the existing Data Server Interface (DSI) connections to the data server being upgraded.

  5. Suspend all DSI connections to the non-RSSD databases you are upgrading by entering the following command in Replication Server for each database:

    1> suspend connection to dataserver.database
    2> go
  6. Leave the DSI connections to the RSSD databases running.