Increasing the hard limit

To increase the hard limit, use a program like the sample program shown in “Sample program”.

StepsTo set up the sample program to increase the hard limit:

  1. Create the ASCII file file_name.c (where file_name is the name you give the file), by using an ASCII text editor. Type the text shown in the sample in “Sample program”.

  2. Compile the file:

    cc file_name.c -o program_name

    where file_name is the name of the source file you created, and program_name is the name you want to give the program.

  3. Change the program’s permissions and ownership so that it will execute as “root”:

    chmod 755 program_name 
    chown root program_name

    where program_name is the name of the compiled program.

  4. The “root” user can use the program to start Adaptive Server with increased user connections by typing the following command at the operating system prompt:

    # program_name dataserver -d master_device_name

    where program_name is the name of the compiled program, and master_device_name is the full path of Adaptive Server’s master device. Instead of typing the command at the operating system prompt, you can add program_name preceding the dataserver command-line in the Adaptive Server runserver file.