Sybase-provided StartupItems

Included on the software distribution is a sample of a start-up item that can be used to automatically boot Adaptive Server during operating system restart. This start-up item, found in $SYBASE/Install/StartupItems, is called SybaseAdaptiveServerEnterprise. This directory and its content should be copied to /Library/StartupItems. The result should be a new directory, called /Library/StartupItems/SybaseAdaptiveServerEnterprise, which contains a start-up script called SybaseAdaptiveServerEnterprise plus a property list. This shell script runs a start-up utility called startserver. As installed, this script starts a server named SYBASE. If your server name is not SYBASE, then edit the script, replacing SYBASE with hostname_ASE, prior to copying everything to /Library/StartupItems.