Editing the locales.dat file

Before beginning the edit, make a copy of the original file, in case you have problems with the resulting edited version.

To edit the locales.dat file:

  1. Open the locales.dat file copy in a text editor.

  2. Find the section which is enclosed in brackets:

  3. Make sure the section contains an entry for the language (syb_language) and character set (syb_charset) combination that you want to use.

    NoteThe value for platform_locale must match the value required by your operating system. If the locales definitions in your system configuration files do not match the Sybase locale definitions, your applications will not run properly.

    For example, if you want your Open Client messages to appear in French, and Adaptive Server is using the ROMAN8 character set, you would check the locales.dat entries for your platform and look for the following entry:

    locale = fr_FR, french, roman8
  4. Add the required entry or modify an existing entry.

  5. Save the changes, if any, and exit the text editor.