Installing sybsyntax

For each sybsyntax installation script you want to execute:

  1. Determine the type (raw partition, logical volume, operating system file, and so on) and location of the device where you plan to store the sybsyntax database. You will need to provide this information later.

  2. Make a copy of the original script. Be sure you can access this copy, in case you experience problems with the edited script.

  3. Use a text editor to edit the script, if necessary, to change the default device from the master device to the device created in step 1. For information on the default device, see “Default device for the sybsyntax database”.

  4. Execute the script with a command like the following:

    isql -Usa -Ppassword -Sservername < $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/ins_syn_sql

    where sa is the user ID of the System Administrator, password is the System Administrator’s password, and servername is the Adaptive Server where you plan to install the database.

    If you have set the DSQUERY environment variable to the servername, you can replace the server name with DSQUERY. For example:

    isql -Usa -Ppassword -S$DSQUERY < $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/scripts/ins_syn_sql
  5. To ensure that you have installed the sybsyntax database and that it is working correctly, use isql to log in to the server on which you installed the database, and execute sp_syntax. For example:

    isql -Usa -Ppassword -Sservername 
    1> sp_syntax "select" 
    2> go 

    Adaptive Server displays a list of commands that contain the word or word fragment “select.”