Adding a server to the directory services

WARNING! Most LDAP servers have an ldapadd utility for adding directory entries. Sybase recommends that you use dsedit of dscp instead since they have built-in semantic checks that generic tools do not provide.

Each server entry is made up of a set of attributes. When you add or modify a server entry, you are prompted for information about server attributes. Some attributes are provided by default, others require user input. When a default value is provided, it appears in brackets “[ ]”. See Table 6-2 for accepted values.

You can use srvbuild to add entries, but not modify or delete them.

StepsAdding a server entry to the directory service using dsedit

Use dsedit to add a server to the directory service:

  1. From the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_OCS/bin directory, enter:

  2. Select LDAP from the list of servers, and click OK.

  3. Click Add New Server Entry.

  4. Enter:

  5. Click Add New Network Transport.

  6. Click OK two times to exit the dsedit utility.

StepsUsing dscp to add a server entry to the directory service

dscp is a command-line utility that adds server entries to LDAP servers. After opening a session, you can check your configuration, view and modify existing entries, and create new entries.

Use dscp to add a server to the directory services.

  1. To start dscp, enter:

  2. Before you can view, add, or modify server entries, you must open a session. Opening a dscp session allows you to interact with any directory service that has a driver listed in libtcl*.cfg. To open a session, enter:

    open DSNAME

    where DSNAME is the name of the directory service.

    If you do not specify DSNAME, dscp uses the default directory service provider specified in the libtcl*.cfg file. If there are no entries in the libtcl*.cfg file, dscp uses the default interfaces file located in $SYBASE.

  3. A connection to an LDAP server is indicated by this prompt:

    Session 1 ldap>>

    If the LDAP server requires user authentication, you must use the -Uusername command-line parameter flag when starting dscp and dsedit.

  4. To add a server to the directory services, enter:

    add server_name

    where server_name is the name of the server to be added.

  5. The next prompt specifies the service type. Adaptive Server is the default value:

    Service [ASE Server]

    Click Enter to accept the default.

  6. Enter the transport type. Press Enter to accept the default value TCP, or enter a value from Table 6-2.

  7. Enter the transport address. Valid entries are any values that enable the transport type specified. For example, for a TCP connection, host_name port_number.

  8. Since any LDAP server entity can have multiple address entries, the next prompt returns to the prompt for “Transport type.” You can enter another transport type, or click Enter (leaving the field blank) to skip this prompt and proceed.

  9. You are then prompted for another transport address. You can enter another valid address that corresponds to the additional transport type, or press Enter (leaving the field blank) to proceed.

  10. Optionally, enter a security mechanism OID.

  11. Optionally, enter a secondary server for failover.

  12. Press Enter. When completed, the message: "Added server_name done" displays.

To view the server entries, enter the following URL in Netscape:


For example:


NoteMicrosoft Internet Explorer does not recognize LDAP URLs.

For more information about dscp, see the Open Client/Server Configuration Guide.