Transaction replication

Transaction replication ensures database integrity and transactional consistency across multiple database sites. All data-changing operations that are replicated are considered “transactions,” even though they might not correspond to an actual transaction in the primary database.

For example, if a transaction changes both published tables and unpublished tables in the primary database, only the data-changing operations that affect the published tables are replicated. Operations on unpublished tables are not replicated.

All data-changing operations are replicated within a transaction context. In other words, only committed transaction operations are replicated; transaction operations that are rolled back are not replicated.

Even though a “transaction” replicated through ASE Replicator is really just a set of operations, those operations are grouped in an atomic collection, and each collection represents the results of a committed transaction in the primary database.

Stored procedure invocations are part of a transaction, just like the data-changing operations in a table. They are not necessarily transactions in themselves.