Enabling and configuring CIS

If you are setting up ASE Replicator for an established Adaptive Server with existing databases, verify that the Adaptive Server configuration meets the following requirements:

If your Adaptive Server currently meets all these configuration requirements, you can skip this section and go to “Setting up the ASE Replicator system user”.

In Adaptive Server 12.5 and later, CIS is enabled by default. In earlier versions of Adaptive Server, CIS is not enabled by default.

If CIS is not already enabled for the primary Adaptive Server, you must enable it with sp_config, then restart Adaptive Server so the static parameter enable cis takes effect.

You need not restart the Adaptive Server if CIS is already enabled.

NoteUse sp_config to find out if CIS is already enabled for the primary Adaptive Server.

StepsTo enable and configure CIS

  1. Log in to the primary Adaptive Server with a System Administrator user role so you can change the Adaptive Server configuration.

  2. Enable CIS:

    use master
    sp_configure "enable cis", 1 
  3. Set the default method for RPC handling to use CIS access methods:

    sp_configure "cis rpc handling", 1
  4. Set the maximum number of concurrent connections that can be made to remote servers by CIS to at least 20:

    sp_configure "max cis remote connections", 20

    NoteThe actual number of CIS remote server connections that your Adaptive Server needs depends on the environment. Sybase recommends at least 20 CIS remote server connections for use with ASE Replicator.

  5. Restart Adaptive Server to have the static parameter enable cis take effect.

    NoteYou need not restart the Adaptive Server if CIS was already enabled.