User login or permission problems

ASE Replicator requires a user login on its host Adaptive Server (the primary database server), and on each remote database server with which it connects. That login is referred to as the ASE Replicator system user login.

ASE Replicator also requires a user login added to each primary database and each replicate database that ASE Replicator connects with. That user login must have the appropriate object access permissions in each database.

To allow bidirectional replication, in which a primary database also acts as a replicate database, ASE Replicator identifies a Maintenance User for each database. ASE Replicator uses the Maintenance User login to apply replicated transactions to a replicate database. When publishing the transactions from a primary database, ASE Replicator filters out any transactions applied by the Maintenance User in that database.

If you use the same login name and password for all ASE Replicator database connections, user login and permission problems are less likely to occur, but using such a common password may not be feasible in a bidirectional replication system, and it may not meet your database security requirements.

Some typical symptoms of user login or permission problems are:

StepsTo correct user login or permission problems

  1. See Chapter 2, “Setting Up and Starting ASE Replicator,” and verify that all the configuration tasks are completed.

  2. Verify that the ASE Replicator system user name and Maintenance User names are created in each primary and replicate database server.

  3. Verify that the ASE Replicator system user login and Maintenance User login names are added to each primary and replicate database.