Replicating the value of the timestamp datatype

The user-defined timestamp datatype is based on the varbinary datatype, and its value is automatically generated by Adaptive Server when a row is inserted or updated. A timestamp column cannot be modified by an insert or update command, so therefore, ASE Replicator does not support replication to a timestamp column in a replicate database.

If a replicate article subscribes to a published timestamp column, and the replicate table has a corresponding timestamp column, ASE Replicator returns an error the first time it attempts to replicate a transaction to that table.

NoteTo replicate the actual data value from a primary timestamp column, you must create or alter the replicate table so that the corresponding column is varbinary.

When you invoke sp_addreplicateart and ASE Replicator creates a replicate table, the replicate column that corresponds to a published timestamp column is created with a varbinary datatype.