Configuring for large log I/O size

The log I/O size for each database is reported in the server’s error log when Adaptive Server starts. You can also use sp_logiosize.

To see the size for the current database, execute sp_logiosize with no parameters. To see the size for all databases on the server and the cache in use by the log, use:

sp_logiosize "all"

To set the log I/O size for a database to 4K, the default, you must be using the database. This command sets the size to 4K:

sp_logiosize "default"

By default, Adaptive Server sets the log I/O size for user databases to 4K. If no 4K pool is available in the cache used by the log, 2K I/O is used instead.

If a database is bound to a cache, all objects not explicitly bound to other caches use the database’s cache. This includes the syslogs table.

To bind syslogs to another cache, you must first put the database in single-user mode, with sp_dboption, and then use the database and execute sp_bindcache. Here is an example:

sp_bindcache pubs_log, pubtune, syslogs