Specifying a reserve page gap with create table

This create table command specifies a reservepagegap value of 16:

create table more_titles (
      title_id    tid,
      title       varchar(80) not null,
      type        char(12),
      pub_id      char(4) null,
      price       money null,
      advance     money null,
      total_sales int null,
      notes       varchar(200) null,
      pubdate     datetime,
      contract    bit
lock datarows
with reservepagegap = 16

Any operation that performs extent allocation on the more_titles table leaves 1 empty page for each 15 filled pages.

The default value for reservepagegap is 0, meaning that no space is reserved. You can have more than 255 bytes, use pattern strings for LIKE more thatn 255 bytes and LIKE can also operate on wider columns.