Using optdiag to check for forwarded rows

For tables that already contain data, use optdiag to display statistics for the table. The “Data row size” shows the average data row length, including the row overhead. This sample optdiag output for the titles table shows 12 forwarded rows and an average data row size of 184 bytes:

Statistics for table:               "titles"

     Data page count:               655
     Empty data page count:         5
     Data row count:                4959.000000000
     Forwarded row count:           12.000000000
     Deleted row count:             84.000000000
     Data page CR count:            0.000000000
     OAM + allocation page count:   6
     Pages in allocation extent:    1
     Data row size:                 184.000000000

You can also use optdiag to check the number of forwarded rows for a table to determine whether your setting for exp_row_size is reducing the number of forwarded rows generated by your applications.

For more information on optdiag, see Chapter 37, “Statistics Tables and Displaying Statistics with optdiag.”