Setting the lock promotion threshold for a table or database

To configure lock promotion values for an individual table or database, initialize all three lock promotion thresholds. For example:

sp_setpglockpromote "table", titles, 100, 2000, 50 
sp_setrowlockpromote "table", authors, 300, 500, 50

After the values are initialized, you can change any individual value. For example, to change the lock promotion PCT only, use the following command:

sp_setpglockpromote "table", titles, null, null, 70
sp_setrowlockpromote "table", authors, null, null, 50

To configure values for a database, use:

sp_setpglockpromote "database", pubs3, 1000, 1100, 45
sp_setrowlockpromote "database", pubs3, 1000, 1100, 45