Varying logical page sizes

The dataserver command allows you to create master devices and databases with logical pages of size 2K, 4K, 8K, or 16K. Larger logical pages allow you to create larger rows, which can improve your performance because Adaptive Server accesses more data each time it reads a page. For example, a 16K page can hold 8 times the amount of data as a 2K page, an 8K page holds 4 times as much data as a 2K page, and so on, for all the sizes for logical pages.

The logical page size is a server-wide setting; you cannot have databases with varying size logical pages within the same server. All tables are appropriately sized so that the row size is no greater than the current page size of the server. That is, rows cannot span multiple pages.

See the Utilities Guide for specific information about using the dataserver command to build your master device.