Most rows represent a specific type of activity or event, such as acquiring a lock or executing a stored procedure. When the data is related to CPUs, the rows show performance information for each Adaptive Server engine in the SMP environment. Often, when there are groups of related rows, the last row is a summary of totals and an average.

The sp_sysmon report indents some rows to show that one category is a subcategory of another. In the following example, “Found in Wash” is a subcategory of “Cache Hits”, which is a subcategory of “Cache Searches”:

Cache Searches
      Cache Hits                 202.1        3.0    12123     100.0 %
         Found in Wash             0.0        0.0        0       0.0 %
      Cache Misses                 0.0        0.0        0       0.0 %
  -------------------------  ---------  ---------  -------
    Total Cache Searches         202.1        3.0    12123

Many rows are not printed when the “count” value is 0.