Sample output for index statistics

Statistics for index:                   "title_id_ix" (nonclustered)
Index column list:                      "title_id"
     Leaf count:                        45
     Empty leaf page count:             0
     Data page CR count:                4952.0000000000000000
     Index page CR count:               6.0000000000000000
     Data row CR count:                 4989.0000000000000000
     First extent leaf pages:           0
     Leaf row size:                     17.8905999999999992
     Index height:                      1

  Derived statistics:        
     Data page cluster ratio:           0.0075819672131148
     Index page cluster ratio:          1.0000000000000000
     Data row cluster ratio:            0.0026634382566586
Table 37-4: Index statistics

Row label

Information provided

Statistics for index

Index name and type.

Index column list

List of columns in the index.

Leaf count

Number of leaf-level pages in the index.

Empty leaf page count

Number of empty leaf pages in the index.

Data page CR count

A counter used to compute the data page cluster r.atio for accessing a table using the index.

See “Index-level derived statistics”.

Index page CR count

A counter used to compute the index page cluster ratio.

See “Index-level derived statistics”.

Data row CR count

A counter used to compute the data row cluster ratio

See “Index-level derived statistics”.

First extent leaf pages

The number of leaf pages in the index stored in the first extent in an allocation unit. These pages need to be read using 2K I/O, rather than large I/O.

This information is maintained only for indexes on data-only-locked tables.

Leaf row size

Average size of a leaf-level row in the index. This value is only updated by update statistics, create index, and alter table...lock.

Index height

Index height, not including the leaf level.