Sample output for table statistics

Table owner:                        "dbo"

Statistics for table:               "titles"

     Data page count:               662
     Empty data page count:         10
     Data row count:                4986.0000000000000000
     Forwarded row count:           18.0000000000000000
     Deleted row count:             87.0000000000000000
     Data page CR count:            86.0000000000000000
     OAM + allocation page count:   5
     First extent data pages:       3
     Data row size:                 238.8634175691937287

  Derived statistics:
     Data page cluster ratio:       0.9896907216494846
Table 37-2: Table statistics

Row label

Information provided

Table owner

Name of the table owner. You can omit owner names on the command line by specifying dbname..tablename. If multiple tables have the same name, and different owners, optdiag prints information for each table with that name.

Statistics for table

Name of the table.

Data page count

Number of data pages in the table.

Empty data page count

Count of pages that have deleted rows only.

Data row count

Number of data rows in the table.

Forwarded row count

Number of forwarded rows in the table. This value is always 0 for an allpages-locked table.

Deleted row count

Number of rows that have been deleted from the table. These are committed deletes where the space has not been reclaimed by one of the functions that clears deleted rows.

This value is always 0 for an allpages-locked table.

Data page CR count

A counter used to derive the data page cluster ratio.

See “Data page CR count”.

OAM + allocation page count

Number of OAM pages for the table, plus the number of allocation units in which the table occupies space. These statistics are used to estimate the cost of OAM scans on data-only-locked tables.

The value is maintained only on data-only-locked tables.

First extent data pages

Number of pages that share the first extent in an allocation unit with the allocation page. These pages need to be read using 2K I/O, rather than large I/O.

This information is maintained only for data-only-locked tables.

Data row size

Average length of a data row, in bytes. The size includes row overhead.

This value is updated only by update statistics, create index, and alter table...lock.

Index height

Height of the index, not counting the leaf level. This row is included in the table-level output only for clustered indexes on allpages-locked tables. For all other indexes, the index height appears in the index-level output.

This value does not apply to heap tables.