Deadlocks by lock type

“Deadlocks by Lock Type” reports the number of specific types of deadlocks. “% of total” gives the number of each deadlock type as a percentage of the total number of deadlocks.

Deadlocks may occur when many transactions execute at the same time in the same database. They become more common as the lock contention increases between the transactions.

This category reports data for the following deadlock types:

“Total Deadlocks” summarizes the data for all lock types.

As in the example for this section, if there are no deadlocks, sp_sysmon does not display any detail information, it only prints the “Total Deadlocks” row with zero values.

To pinpoint where deadlocks occur, use one or both of the following methods:

For more information on deadlocks and coping with lock contention, see “Deadlocks and concurrency” and “Locking and performance”.