Reducing packet overhead

If your applications use stored procedures, you may see improved throughput by turning off certain TDS messages that are sent after each select statement that is performed in a stored procedure. This message, called a “done in proc” message, is used in some client products. In some cases, turning off “done in proc” messages also turns off the “rows returned” messages. These messages may be expected in certain Client-Library programs, but many clients simply discard these results. Test the setting with your client products and Open Client programs to determine whether it affects them before disabling this message on a production system.

Turning off “done in proc” messages can increase throughput slightly in some environments, especially those with slow or overloaded networks, but may have virtually no effect in other environments. To turn the messages off, issue the command:

dbcc tune (doneinproc, 0)

To turn the messages on, use:

dbcc tune (doneinproc, 1)

This command must be issued each time Adaptive Server is restarted.