Checking space requirements for space management properties

If you make significant changes to space management property values, the table copy can be considerably larger or smaller than the original table. Settings for space management properties are stored in the sysindexes tables, and are displayed by sp_help and sp_helpindex. This output shows the space management properties for the titles table:

exp_row_size reservepagegap fillfactor max_rows_per_page 
------------ -------------- ---------- ----------------- 
         190             16         90                 0

sp_helpindex produces this report:

index_name           index_description
    index_max_rows_per_page index_fillfactor index_reservepagegap
    ----------------------- ---------------- --------------------
title_id_ix          nonclustered located on default
                          0               75                    0
title_ix             nonclustered located on default
                          0               80                   16
type_price           nonclustered located on default
    type, price
                          0               90                    0