Using optdiag to display object sizes

The optdiag command displays statistics for tables, indexes, and columns, including the size of tables and indexes. If you are engaged in query tuning, optdiag provides the best tool for viewing all the statistics that you need. Here is a sample report for the titles table in the pubtune database:

Table owner:                        "dbo"

Statistics for table:               "titles"

     Data page count:               662
     Empty data page count:         10
     Data row count:                4986.0000000000000000
     Forwarded row count:           18.0000000000000000
     Deleted row count:             87.0000000000000000
     Data page CR count:            86.0000000000000000
     OAM + allocation page count:   5
     First extent data pages:       3
     Data row size:                 238.8634175691937287

See Chapter 37, “Statistics Tables and Displaying Statistics with optdiag,” for more information.