CPU yields by engine

“CPU Yields by Engine” reports the number of times each Adaptive Server engine yielded to the operating system. “% of total” data is the percentage of times an engine yielded as a percentage of the combined yields for all engines.

“Total CPU Yields” reports the combined data over all engines.

If the “Engine Busy Utilization” data indicates low engine utilization, use “CPU Yields by Engine” to determine whether the “Engine Busy Utilization” data reflects a truly inactive engine or one that is frequently starved out of the CPU by the operating system.

When an engine is not busy, it yields to the CPU after a period of time related to the runnable process search count parameter. A high value for “CPU Yields by Engine” indicates that the engine yielded voluntarily.

If you also see that “Engine Busy Utilization” is a low value, then the engine really is inactive, as opposed to being starved out.

See the System Administration Guide for more information.