Remote server connection failover

A standard feature of Ct-Library version 12.0 and greater is the ability to automatically failover connections from a server that is no longer available to one that is configured as a failover server. This feature is supported by CIS, but requires modifications to directory services in order for it to take effect. For example, server S2 can be configured to serve as a failover server for S1, and vice-versa, by additions to the interfaces file, as shown in this example:

 	master tcp ether host1 8000
	query tcp ether host1 8000
	hafailover S2
 	master ether host2 9000
 	query ether host2 9000
 	hafailover S1

If the interfaces file (or LDAP directory service) is set up to define a failover configuration, then CIS takes advantage of it by automatically failing over connections to the failover server if a connection to the primary server fails.