Creating proxy tables

Once you have defined the storage location, you can create the table as a new or existing object. If the table does not already exist at the remote location, use the create table syntax. If it already exists, use the create existing table syntax. If the object type is rpc, only the create existing table syntax is allowed.

When a create existing table statement is received, and the object type is either table or view, the existence of the remote object is checked by means of the catalog stored procedure sp_tables. If the object exists, then its column and index attributes are obtained. Column attributes are compared with those defined for the object in the create existing table statement. Column name, type, length, and null property are checked. Index attributes are added to the sysindexes system table.

The create proxy_table command is easier to use than create existing table. Proxy tables can also be created using the Adaptive Server Enterprise system administration tool, Sybase Central.

Once the object has been created, either as a new or an existing object, the remote object can be queried by using its local name.